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Cosmicyogapower is a dedicated institute to teaching, learning, training of yoga, exercises, healthcare education; research about of yogic sciences, health & fitness; promoting, publicize, advertise about the awareness of the yoga, fitness, healthcare, health education, and their benefits in real life.

We try to generate awareness about nature, health, yoga, and fitness among the general public and also aim to create healthy, good conception about yoga, fitness and exercises among society all over the world.

The main objects of the teaching, training yoga, fitness, healthcare education and of the courses, ebooks, topics, services are for the real benefit of yoga, fitness, exercises in life and for the general public health.

Cosmicyogapower Cosmicyogapower welcome everyone for better health and for their beautiful, handsome, charming personality. We have very good packages, training courses, ebooks for beginners & for all, join us to get good health, beauty; personality and mental peace with yoga and keep himself away from the diseases.

We provide various yoga, fitness, healthcare topics, yoga training courses, specially for beginners, these highly effective special courses, topics, ebooks are available both in Hindi and English languages.

Cosmicyogapower operate by Ajay.K.Srivastava - Ayurvedrattan, DNYS, MD(A.M.) a well known, experience yoga, fitness trainer /instructor, health counselor, freelance the writer of various yoga, fitness, health-related books, courses, topics, blogs for a better healthy life, director at Cosmicyogapower.

You can purchase with the confidence ayurvedic medicines, herbal products, best healthcare products, fitness tools-equipments, books, ebooks, yoga-fitness learning courses, services, and many other best products of the various famous manufacturer from our online store.


Cosmicyogapower always welcome the comments, advises and the personal yoga, fitness and health related experiences. We record the personal experiences, everyone can send the comments, advices and personal experiences with us.



C130/392 H, lane 3, Gita Vatika,Gorakhpur-273006, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

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Cosmicyogapower on whatsapp   "Cosmicyogapower" on +917905028047

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Our motto is "Health For All"