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Ayurveda-Lemon health benefits

Real Benefit of Lemon (lemon water):

The Lemon : The Lemon (Citrus limon or Nimbu) native to Asia is a small evergreen flowering plant. The yellow fruit of this evergreen flowering plant is use and called Lemon or Nimbu.

The Lemon or Nimbu has many medicinal properties as Ayurveda said. The Lemon juice is very popular and used throughout the world for both cookery and cleaning purposes.

Health Benefit : Lemon is important for making many Ayurveda Medicines. Lemon juice is very useful,has many health and medicinal benefits in complication likes heartburn, gastritis, obesity, blood pressure, acidity, fever,etc.

Ayurvedic Properties of Lemon is guna-laghu (light in digest),rechana-(boost digestion power),rasa-amala (sour), veerya-ushna(hot).Lemons are common fruit use for fairness purposes,Lemons juice with honey use in obesity for weight loss.

Use of Lemon (Nimbu) is good for-

1. Lemon water is commonly use for relief in acidity,the citric acid which contain in Lemon help in digestion. Lemon water smooths the function of stomach and help in digestion.Lemon is acidic in nature,but after digestion,inside the body,it is alkaline in character.Lemon tea is also good for acidity.

2. Taking one spoon of Lemons juice with honey is very beneficial in obesity, regular use of this can reduces the weight and keep fit, healthy, Lemon has also anti-oxidant properties.

3. Lemons are natural sanitizer so commonly use for fairness of skin and skin treatment. Daily applying Lemon over the acnes, blackheads, creases, blackness of skin can gives better result, also it good for skin toning.

4. Lemons are very good for gums and teeth and dental problems,gently rubbing Lemon juice with common salt on the teeth can shine the teeth and provide relief from gum pain,also Lemon juice with mustard oil is very good for teeth and gums and other dental problems.

5. Lemons are natural energy providing drink good for tiredness as well for exhaustion,for rejuvenating add small quantity of sugar (one teaspoon) with Lemon juice with ¼ teaspoon of common salt in one glass of water and drink it for better energy. Lemon can be also taken as refreshment drink in fatigue and as immune booster.

Precaution : Overdose of Lemon Juice is not good for health (over approx 10 teaspoon in a day) and cause heartburn,tooth enamel decay,nausea and vomiting,frequent urination,trigger migraine etc,so do not overdose with it.

NOTE : This information is not for any specific medication and/or any medical treatment and should not understand as such purposes,it is only for a general knowledge purposes.Contact to a qualified physician for medicinal use of Lemon and for any complication.

Botanical name: Citrus limon

Family name: Citrus family

Use part: Fresh fruit and juice

Other name: Kaghzi Nimbu (Hindi),

Nimbukah(Sanskrit),Nimma (Telugu),

Lebu (Bengali),Champalam(Tamil),

Champra (Manipuri),

Ambata nimbu (Marathi)

Nimbu (Lemon-citrus limon)

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