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Yoga weight loss -burn fat

Weight Loss Through Easy Yoga (course)

weightloss course simple yoga

Course : Weight Loss Through Easy Yoga

1. This is a decent home doing course package to fast weight loss for the health attentive people.

2. This is highly effective special course for natural burn calories, weight loss without any contradiction.

3. In this nice course, you are guided by simple, easy yogasan, pranayam and video link.

4. Practice of this nice course, can sure burn body fat fast and gives very effective, pleasant body shape.

Amazing Benefits-

*  Improve body flexibility and maintain correct posture !

*  Remove toxins, toxic substance from the body, strengthening the immune !

*  Try to correct the body metabolic rate & helps to obtain ideal body weight !

*  Correct metabolism,reduce the body fat fast !

*  Try to detoxify the alimentary system, enhance absorption of nutrients !

*  Maintain the charm develop beauty and personality also in older age!

Course Period & Fee

1. 3 Months (minimum)

2. 6 Months (general)

3. ₹ 450/Month


1. The training course will send by post (courier) in printed paper or CD as you mention in order.

2. This service is available in INDIA only.

3. Payment : On delivery.

4. Shipping period : with in a week.

How to order-

Send order to our Whatsapp group "Cosmicyogapower" on 7905028047

Send full shipping address with pincode, mob, email,etc.

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