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The domain name "" (hereinafter referred to as "Website" or "Site" or "Cosmicyogapower" or "We" or "Our" or "Ours" or "Us") is owned by Cosmicyogapower, C 130/392 H Gita Vatika Gorakhpur-273006, UP, INDIA.

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Please read carefully the following :

1. The yoga,health,fitness teaching,learning,training courses,ebooks,topics,information and services,etc., are very useful,much beneficial, but it is not essential that the teaching, learning, training courses, ebooks, topics, tutorials, etc., information and services, are equal benefited to all the yoga,fitness learning practitioner/aspirant, personal aptitude, practice and devotion are the main path of success.

2. All attempts have been made to provide effective,verifiable information on this Website( However the Author and/or the Publisher Cosmicyogapower does not assume any liability for any inaccuracies,errors or omission.

3. The Author and/or Publisher Cosmicyogapower, will not accept any liability, claim, charges related to the success or failure of any yoga-fitness teaching, learning, training courses, any exercises, practices and/or of any ebooks, topics, literature, tutorials, etc.

4. The Author and/or Publisher Cosmicyogapower, will not accept any liability, claim, if occurring any harm, injury/casualty during practicing of yoga-fitness exercises, other exercises, and/or with our any tutorials, courses, etc.

5. Learning, training, practicing of yoga-fitness exercises, ebooks, and/or any tutorials, courses, are totally depend on the user/practitioner/aspirant own choice/decision and satisfaction, it is always advised to all the yoga practitioner to be more careful while practicing/performing yoga-fitness exercises, other exercises.

If finds uncomfortable, any contradiction, any trouble during practicing/performing the yoga-fitness exercises or other exercises immediate stop the practice and immediate contact to a qualified physician.

6. We never advise or insist to anyone for any particular yoga-fitness exercises, other exercises, teaching, learning, training courses, ebooks, topics, tutorials, etc., information and the services for any specific diseases and/or for any treatment and/or for any complications.

Only a qualified physician can tell you that which exercises is good for you, so contact your physician in any complications. We only in-light, describes the benefits of the yoga-fitness exercises, other exercises in our teaching, learning, training courses, ebooks, topics, tutorials, information and the services, we do not advise, claim for any medication and/or for any treatment and should not understand as such purposes.

7. The yoga-fitness, health, teaching, learning, training courses, ebooks, topics, tutorials, etc., and information and the services are not the source of any specific medical advice, medical information and/or not for any medication/treatment, diagnosis, legal or other professional advise and should not used as such purposes and/or does not claim/carry any exact clinical value or exact result of practicing yoga-fitness exercises, other exercises.

It is only for general yoga,fitness educational and the healthcare awareness purposes and the benefits of yoga-fitness exercises, healthcare education in real life.

8. It is thought out from the ancient time in the India that practicing yoga exercises, other exercises are very beneficial for the aspirant/practitioner, but only a qualified trainer/physician can advise you that which yoga exercise, other exercise is most beneficial for you so you can/should consult your trainer/physician before practicing yoga exercises.

9. The Author and/or Publisher Cosmicyogapower does not provide any medical services or specific medical advice or medical information or any medication/treatment/diagnosis and/or not operated/related to any medical services and/or any medication/treatment/diagnosis activities. There is not any guarantee/warranty for yoga-fitness, teaching, learning, training courses, ebooks, topics, tutorials, etc., information and services.

10. Your (user/visitor/reader) use of this Website( or decide to take any of our services, etc., shall signify/prove your acceptance of our "Disclaimer" and your agreement to be legally bound to our Disclaimer.

Your (user/visitor/reader) continue use of the website implies that you agree with our "Disclaimer".

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