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Cosmicyogapower- Immunity Boosting Yoga Course

Course by Ajay k. Srivastava

Yoga try to balance the immune system, increase immunity.

dhanurasan yoga

Course Highlights

*  Easy Immunity Boosting Yoga Course

*  Video support

*  Personal support

*  Easy to practice

*  Both Hindi and English language

Course Period & Fee

1. 1 Months to 3 months

2. ₹ 360/Month

Payment & Shipping-

1. The course will Email to you (PDF).

2. This service is available in INDIA only.

3. Payment : Scan and pay- Scan the below QR code and pay by PAYTM

Contact on Whatsapp for order & details-

Send order to our Whatsapp group "Cosmicyogapower" on 7905028047

Send Address and email, etc. to us.