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Diabetes symptoms,causes and the prevention- 3

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The main causes of diabetes are:

In type-1 diabetes, the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas destroys and immune system collapse during to fighting with any serious infection, it may be also from birth or caused by genes, epidemiological and geographic factors, or such as viruses, auto-immune diseases and/or unknown etiology.

In type-2 diabetes the caused are rough lifestyle, genes, physically not active, overweight, drug abuse, drug reactions and more.

Obesity is a very bad physical problems, it destroys the charm of a woman/man, has a bad, adverse effect on health, personality, leading to reduced expectancy of life and increased many health problems, obesity is a major cause of diabetes.

Rising body fat in the body, increases the likelihood of many diseases, particularly sleep apnea, cardiovascular disorder, heart disease, diabetes, various types of cancer and many other diseases, increasing body fat disturb the metabolic function of the body.

The person should must stop increasing body fat by simple yoga exercises, change the lazy lifestyle, activate- energize yourself to avoid diabetes and other ailment.

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Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson developed the Halki Diabetes Remedy. A natural and safe program, targeting to the root-cause of diabetes for the treatment of diabetes.

Diagnosing Method For Diabetes:

If you feel any abnormal or any of above given symptoms or any sign, you must contact with your doctor to diagnosing for diabetes. There are many types of diagnostic test for diabetes.

1. Blood Glucose Test (Fasting):

In this diagnostic test, a blood sample will be taken in the morning with an empty stomach (after an overnight fast).

A. Blood sugar level less than 100mg/dl is known as normal (70 to 99mg/dl) that mean have no diabetes.

B. Blood sugar from 100 to 125mg/dl is known as prediabetes or Impaired glucose tolerance (100 to 125mg/dl) that mean have mild and starting stage of diabetes.

C. Blood sugar level more than 126mg/dl is conformation of diabetes (126mg/dl or above) that mean have diabetes.

2. Blood Glucose Test (Random):

In this diagnostic test, a test may be done at any time, regardless when you last ate and what ate, that mean you can go for test at any time.

A. Blood sugar 200mg/dl or greater, is conformation of diabetes. This test conform diabetes if Blood Glucose Test (Fasting) also show high sugar level.

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