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Diabetes symptoms,causes and the prevention- 4

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3. Glycated Hemoglobin (A1C) Test:

HbA1c (Glycosylate haemoglobin average plasma glucose concentration) test directly not for find out the blood glucose level, But it show high or low tendency of blood glucose levels (plasma glucose concentration) for a period of some weeks or months.

4. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test:

In this diagnostic test, given to a person approx 75-gram oral glucose sweetened drink, after 2 hours, this test can be performed, if test result show 200mg/dl or greater than,this indicates conformation of diabetes.

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Only a doctor can advice you that which test is good for you, so you should contact to doctor for diagnosing.

Diabetes related serious complications:

Never avoid diabetes, the person should must control diabetes at any cost, because life is precious, continuous high blood sugar must damage the body's organs and raises fatal complication, the following are major-

Raises blood pressure

Heart-cardiovascular disease

Damage of Kidney

Slowly damage nervous system

Loss of skin shinning

Sight loss and eye damage

Alzheimer's disease

Hearing impairment

Unhealed wounds, ulcers and more other fatal complications

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