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Precautions in yoga

(For All Yoga Practitioner)

For all yoga practitioner,it is necessary always must follow and obey all the precautions,regulations,related to yoga practice.There may be occur many problems,difficulties,while avoiding these precautions and regulations,so it is better to follow all precautions and regulations.These precautions and regulations are given below—

1. Generally yoga practice time is morning & evening,environment must be peacefully,neat & clean,well-ventilated, vacant the bowel,before going for yoga practic, spread a cotton or woolen,blanket or rug on the floor,ground (it is called as asan in yoga),cotton or woolen blanket or rug is bad conductor to electric,take 2 to 4 minute rest between each exercise.

2. In beginning the yoga practice time,can be 15 to 25 minute,after getting ability in yoga,practice time can be up to 30 to 60 minute,it is not easy to well-perform to any yogasan in the beginning for new practitioner so do not be impatient,regular practice will skilled you,one should never try to do any exercise in hurry or with jerk.

3. Men and women can wear half pant,loose trouser,light stretching pant as per the season,practicing dress should always be light and loose. Yoga practitioner should take fiber rich,digestive foods, avoid oily,spicy,much salty foods,seasonal vegetables,fruits,greens are best for the body,always use sufficient water.

4. Do not take cigarette,alcohol,sedative drugs and other substance,those are harmful to the health.It is restricted to go for practice,immediate after food or breakfast and also do not take any snack, food immediate after practice,keep minimum 30 minute break between yoga practice and snack,food,while water can be taken as per need.

5. Keep the face east in the morning and west in the evening while practicing,do not perform any exercise that press the blood vessel,lymphatic glands or try to stop the blood flow,in high blood pressure or in injured veins,artery also take medical advice,before practicing yoga,in cartilage disorder,cartage break,surgery,in pregnancy,trauma and any serious diseases always practice yoga as per personal strength,never practice more than your strength.

6. Cosmicyogapower do not provide any medical services or not related to any medical activities,the main objects are promoting,publicize,advertise,awareness of the yoga,yoga education, benefit of yoga in real life,health education, healthy feeling among the general public and try to create healthy,great concept in the society all over the world.

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