How to write html code for your first html web page

Writing Html code for an Html web page:


Web Design Learning -1

An Html web page is simply a text file saved with an .html extension and show the web page on a browser.

Here we learn in this lesson that how to create an Html document or an Html web page. For coding Html web page we need a text editor Simply open the notepad (text editor) and direct copy the following code and paste on the notepad.

Save this file as index.html or any other name but file extension must an .html, save as type – All File, Encoding – UTF-8.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
<title>How to make a html web page</title>
<p>Cosmicyogapower is a dedicated institute to teaching,learning, training of yoga,
exercises, healthcare; research about of yogic sciences. Yoga is an ancient art of 
exercising method, developing a harmony between the body-mind and the soul.</p>

<img src="" width="340" 
height="400" alt="ploughpose-halasan"/>

dhanurasan yoga


Now open this file on the browser (Chrome, IE, Mozilla or any) and see this web page, how you feel now ! ! !

Yes, this is our first Html web page.

Now we learn about every line and tag.

Line 1.  <!DOCTYPE html>  is document type declaration, <!DOCTYPE html> is not a tag/element, it just inform to the browser about the document type.

Line 2.  The <html lang=”en-US”> tag is used to inform the browser about document language.

Line 3. The <head> tag is used for specific information about the web page, like the title of the page, metadata, scripts, CSS files, keywords, description of the page and other informations, Search engine read these informations, and the informations between the <head></head> tag not show on the webpage.

Line 4. The <title> tag is used for declaring the title of the web page.

Line 5. The </head> is a closing tag of <head>.

Line 6. The <body> tag used for all the web page content, any content or image between <body></body>, the browser show on the web page, anyone can see and read the content or image, as you see on this web page. So the content, image, other matter write between the <body></body> tag.

Line 7. The <div>  tag is define a division or a section in an Html document, in this <div> we have some sentence in a paragraph.

Line 8. The <p> tag is define a paragraph.

Line 9. The <img src=” “/> used for the URL of the image with image specification. The ‘src’ attribute used for the URL of the image.

Line 10. The </div> is a closing tag of <div>.

Line 11. The </body> is a closing tag of <body>.

Line 12. The </html> is a closing tag of </html> document.

This is our simple Html web page, we can write more content in the body and add images, videos and more to expand the web page.


  1. We create this web page in notepad, but there are some advance Html text editor for coding the web page likes –
  2. Notepad++
  3. Sublime Text

.The above are a very good free text editor with more editing option.

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  4. Interserver 
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