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Halasan (plough pose)

Exercise : Easy flat lie on the asan,spread legs straight,and together keep the arms alongwith the body,now slowly lift the legs and turn the legs towards the head,try to touch the asan by the toes,maintain the arms,parallel,palms,head gently on the asan. Hold the position 1 minute,then pull the legs and lie flat,repeat this practice 4 to 5 times,this flexible asan is Halasan (plough pose).

yoga halasan -plough pose

Benefit : Halasan (plough pose) is tremendous exercise for cardiovascular disorders,due to rich flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and specially upper portion of the body (brain, eyes),the heart becomes strong and improve the function. Halasan extremely stimulate,the entire nervous,cardiovascular,digestive systems of the body that no exercise or diet or any other way can perform likes the Halasan.

Halasan sure to produces great shine on the face,the aspirant’s body becomes beautiful. Halasan must enhance the charming of the body,regular practice makes the face becomes pink and shines.

Halasan has a great benefit to the practitioner for healthy life and beautiful body & personality,it is recommended to practice regularly this best simple flexible Halasan.

Caution: In Halasan there is rich blood flow to the head so beginners should not perform this asan more than 30 second;likewise person having high blood pressure (more than 200Hg),serious cardiovascular,spinal cord disorders, should not perform this asan without doctor’s advice, be careful during performing this Halasan.

Yoga demonstrated by -  Ajay Srivastava (DNYS, MD-AM)

Note: Always follow Precautions while performing yoga. Click the link below.

Precaution & Regulations in yoga

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