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Matsyendrasan (spine twist pose)

Exercise : Easy sit on the asan with crossed leg position,bend the right knee and bring the right leg,passing over the left leg,put right leg,close to the left hip.Hold right toe with right hand and try to touch the right side of waist by left hand (by turning back) also twist the head left to back and look behind

Keep neck,head and spine aligned while turning to the left, wait 1 minute, then come in easy crossed leg position, again move to perform the first position, repeat this practice 4 to 5 times.

Now reverse the position that mean bend the left knee and bring the left leg, passing over the right leg, put left leg close to the right hip;hold left toe,with left hand and try to touch the left side of waist by right hand (by turning back) also twist the head right to back and look behind

Repeat this practice 4 to 5 times, hence performing the posture on each side,then relax.In this decent asan the spinal column is well twisted so the spine get great exercise,it was favorite asan of Matsyendranath or Machendranath one of ancient Siddhas a accomplished yogi, so the respect to him this asan is called Matsyendrasan or Machendrasan (spinal twist pose).

matsyendrasan yoga spine twist pose

Benefit : Matsyendrasan is the only exercise in yoga, which twist each vertebra of the spinal cord, so the spine get well flexible, easy. Matsyendrasan is one of the best yoga pose for gaining flexibility and strength to the spine, this asan release flushes, rigidity of the abdominal region with good blood flow and massages the internal organs, keeps the abdominal region easy.

Caution: Do not perform Matsyendrasan without doctor’s advice if suffering from any major spinal disorder,head injury or diseases or any surgery in pan abdomen area,or in huge enlargement (swelling) on testes and prostate.

Yoga demonstrated by -  Ajay Srivastava (DNYS, MD-AM)

Note: Always follow Precautions while performing yoga. Click the link below.

Precaution & Regulations in yoga

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