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Pawanmuktasan (wind releasing pose)

Exercise : Easy flat lie on the asan, spread legs straight and together;keep the arms along with the body,now hold left knee by both hands and pull the knee towards the nose and try to touch the nose (in this position also bring the head towards the knee) this is 1 position, after 1 minute;down the knee,now hold the right knee and try to touch the nose similar to 1 position, perform this exercise 8-10 times.

This nice asan is called Pawanmuktasan (wind releasing pose).

yoga pawanmuktasan -wind releasing pose

Benefit : Pawanmuktasan (wind releasing pose) must reduced excess fat which has accumulated around the waist,thigh,neck,breast/chest and other parts of body,enhance the body's ability to metabolize foods, burn more energy and adjust as many calories to maintain the ideal weight,improve expectancy of the life. Pawanmuktasan (wind releasing pose) is a nice exercise for all disorder related to thyroid gland.

Pawanmuktasan is very good for feet,neck,breast/chest,arms,waist and all the body it helps gently to open all the joints likes,ankle,knee,waist,elbow,shoulder,stay away all the rigidity energize the whole body.If the yogabhayasi (the aspirant) is thin,week or fatty,this asan correct the metabolism of the body

Pawanmuktasan strengthening the immune system,therefore the body get decent shape; strengthen muscle helps you to obtain,your ideal body weight and posture;develop the personality and give you a beautiful/handsome proportionate body.

Caution: Do not perform Pawanmuktasan without doctor’s advice if suffering from any major,disease or spinal,neck and brain complication,disorder or any surgery in pan abdomen area.

Yoga demonstrated by -  Ajay Srivastava (DNYS, MD-AM)

Note: Always follow Precautions while performing yoga. Click the link below.

Precaution & Regulations in yoga

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