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Exercise : Easy sit on the asan,spread the legs,straight in front,bend the left knee,grasp left foot and place the left foot closed to the inner part of right thigh,left ankle also touch the anus. Now bend the right knee and place the right foot over the left leg close to the left thigh.

Straight spread the arms and place both hands on top of the right and left knee, hold the first finger with the thumb of each hand and close the eyes, slow the breathing, concentrate the mind and try to meditate, sit in this position for 3 to 5 minute.This nice, pleasant asan is well known as Siddhasan (asan of siddhaa).

yoga siddhasan asan of siddhaa

Benefit : Siddhasan has a great value in yoga and the yogic sciences,this asan has tremendous advantage to the body and cannot be recognized for the limited value or benefit.

Siddhasan comfortably creates a natural balance throughout the mind and body,ease the nervous system,calm the mind and try to correct,maintain and regulate the endocrine glands,cardiovascular system,lever,kidney and other organs.

Yoga demonstrated by -  Ajay Srivastava (DNYS, MD-AM)

Note: Always follow Precautions while performing yoga. Click the link below.

Precaution & Regulations in yoga

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