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Uttanpadasan (up leg pose)

Exercise : Easy lie on the asan ,keep hand along with the body, now slowly lift the legs making an angle about 45 to 75 degree, with the eyes closed, while both hand, head and rest body must remain on the asan, wait for 1 minute, then down the legs on the asan, after resting 1 minute, again lift the legs making an angle about 45 to 75 degree, with the eyes closed.

Then down the legs on the asan, repeat this exercise 4,5 times, try perform this asan without losing balance. This posture is quite challenging but regular practice make it easy and increases the benefits, this famous asan is called Uttanpadasan (up leg pose).

yoga uttanpadasan (up leg pose)

Benefit : Uttanpadasan (up leg pose) is very easy asan,the Uttanpadasan gives strength to the back,hips,shoulder and head and,relieve any pain around waist and back,get relief in ankylosing spondylitis, due to stretching the sacro-iliac joint and also provide relief in other spondylitis likes,cervical,lumber,thoracic.

Uttanpadasan also one of the best asan for relieving pain in sciatica (neuralgia of hip and leg) because exercise from one end to another end of spinal cord , activate medulla oblongata, enhance mental working power ,make you aware about body- mind relations.

Caution: Do not perform Uttanpadasan without doctor’s advice if suffering from any major spinal disorder, disease or any surgery, in beginning you can try by only one leg, after skilled in this asan you can practice by both legs.

Yoga demonstrated by -  Ajay Srivastava (DNYS, MD-AM)

Note: Always follow Precautions while performing yoga. Click the link below.

Precaution & Regulations in yoga

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